Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rescuer Saves Dog From Owner Who Taped His Mouth Shut

When two South Carolina women found out that an harmless dog was once being pressured to live in merciless stipulations with its mouth taped shut, she determined to danger their very own protection in order to shop him.

“Help! Who can we can name about this baby? He has tape round his mouth and face! When he used to be out of the fence we tried calling him over to assist but he seemed so scared!” the woman who found the canine wrote in a put up on her Facebook.

Photo by using FOX57

Two women from the community noticed the heartbreaking submit and knew they couldn’t wait for animal manipulate to get to the canine considering that he used to be struggling to breathe. Instead, they went themselves to the location and discovered the dog, who they renamed Tank, nonetheless protected in tape.

Photo by FOX57

There used to be no way of telling how long Tank’s mouth had been taped up or when he ultimate ate, so the two courageous women rescued the dog and rushed him straight to Animal Control to finally reduce him free from the tape muzzle and have a look at him to see if he had any other injuries.

Photo by FOX57

Thankfully the two accurate samaritans rescued Tank in time, and he is now recuperating at Lexington Animal Control while his owner is now being investigated for animal cruelty, and if convicted, they should face up to five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.
Watch the whole video under to see the heartbreaking way these rescuers found a candy dog.

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[Featured image: FOX57]

Cops Raise Thousands For Hardworking Teen So He Can Go To College

Last September, California police officer Kirk Keffer made a movements pedestrian stop when he noticed an African American teen on foot alone late at night on a deserted, industrial street.

While anybody else may additionally have assumed the boy was once up to no good, Keffer genuinely requested the place he used to be headed and discovered that 19-year-old Jourdan Duncan used to be just doing what he did each night. “Walking home, sir,” Duncan explained. “It takes me a little over two hours one way.”

Photo through Benicia Police Department

Keffer couldn’t agree with Duncan walked over 4 hours each and every day simply to get to work and back, and presented Duncan a trip home. During the seven-mile ride, Keffer realized that Duncan used to be working so tough to assist his mother and father and save cash for college so that he may want to one day become a California Highway Patrol Officer. “I just had to shake his hand when he acquired out of the car,” Keffer said. two “I told him I admired his work ethic and there was once nothing he couldn’t accomplish.”

Photo by Benicia Police Department

Keffer used to be still shocked through the 19-year-old work ethic and informed his coworkers about the experience. A few days later, Keffer and other officers chipped in and amazed Keffer with a new $500 bike to make his shuttle a little easier. While Duncan was once overwhelmed with the aid of their beneficiant gift, Keffer desired to do more for the boy and began a GoFundMe campaign to fix his car. But when the preliminary $5,000 intention was reached inside days, Keffer decided to raise the intention to $50,000 so that they may want to assist Duncan reap his dream of going to school.

Photo by way of Benicia Police Department

So far, extra than $47,500 has been raised for Duncan, who was in a position to begin taking instructions at Solano Community College. “I nevertheless can’t agree with any of this. Everything he’s finished for me has been life-changing,” Duncan said about Keffer, who he calls his buddy and mentor. “We’re now not all about crime and punishment,” Keffer said. “We’re out there to improve the high-quality of lifestyles each time we can.”

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[Featured image: Benicia Police Department]

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tips For Moving With Your Dog !

Moving is a disturbing time for people and dogs alike. If you’re planning a cross soon, you can assist ease the transition for your four-legged buddy by using following these simple tips.


It appears obvious, but on occasion essential matters can be not noted in the course of the chaos of a busy move. Make certain you have a plan for transporting your dog to your new home, and be certain to safely confine your pooch while moving furniture out of the house.


Dogs are great at analyzing human body language, so sometimes your stress can additionally upset your dog. Try to continue to be calm and act normally round your canine to exhibit that this is nothing to fear about.


Dogs like familiar things, so keep off on packing up those loved beds, toys and bowls. You may be eating from paper plates due to the fact your kitchen is packed up, however feeding your canine from his regular bowl can help maintain him calm. And if you have multiple dogs, make sure to leave out everyone’s favorites.


Moves can on occasion require unusual kinds of travel, so format in advance and spend some time preparing. Get your canine used to any new crates or pet carriers you would possibly use, as properly as dogs seatbelts or other restraints. If your dog isn’t used to long automobile rides, attempt to steadily commence taking him on longer trips.


It’s effortless to lose music of time whilst you’re packing, however puppies thrive on routine. Try to stick to your ordinary schedule when it comes to your dog, along with keeping to in many instances scheduled feedings, walks and bedtimes.


If your cross requires good sized journey time, be certain to pack masses of meals and water for the trip. Try to feed at regular times, and be sure to provide water each and every time you stop. Even if you’re just moving throughout town, make positive you have a accurate grant of food, specifically if you feed a less frequent brand. It’s less difficult to carry it with you than to realise you’re out of canine food at the remaining minute.


It can also be tempting to just let your pup run free after a lengthy drive, but don’t unclip that leash right away. Walk your dog for the duration of your new house and yard so he can analyze all the new attractions and smells. While you’re doing this, seem to be carefully for any hazardous shifting materials, gaps in the fence and other dangers that may pose a hazard to your dog.


Things may additionally be extraordinary in your new home, however make a factor of growing a new routine. Unpack your dog’s favorite toys and beds first. Feed and stroll your canine at the identical time each day. Stick to the rules you’ve established. For example, if you don’t enable your canine on the furnishings normally, don’t look the different way just because you’re busy. Be reassuring and gentle, but have in mind that dogs like clear regulations and predictable situations.

Terrified Street Dog Has Incredible Reaction When He Sees Rescuer

The incredible rescue organization, Animal Aid Unlimited, India, obtained a call about a street dog who used to be badly injured and in dire pain. 

He was once so agitated by means of the pain he was once in, however was starving and very weary about accepting meals or getting too shut to rescuers. They knew on the other hand that if they didn’t rescue him, the contaminated wound would soon kill him. 

Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Animal Aid rescuers proceeded to attempt and seize the dog by using hand, though they feared he might bolt at any minute. 

They organized to catch him with a net, and as soon as they did, the dog was once petrified but knew his recovery had simply begun. Back at the Animal Aid shelter, they commenced the dog’s treatment. 

Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India
Rescuers utilized a powder to kill maggots that were infesting his wound, and after a few hours, they handled the wound. They sedated the dog, cleaned his wounds, and he used to be on his way to recovery. 

Animal Aid Unlimited, India, wrote on their YouTube channel, “Without treatment, this young handsome boy would now not have survived. But after 6 weeks of care, meet Jay today!” 

Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India
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Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India

If you would like to assist save other animals like Jay, please think about donating with the aid of clicking here.

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India]

Cops Free Puppy Who Got Its Jaw Trapped In A Pan Handle

Photo by Sealy Police Department

Police officers, firefighters, and first responders devote their lives to keeping their communities protected and responding to any emergency at all hours of the day and on any day of the yr no be counted what.

So whilst many households spent this past Sunday morning celebrating Easter and looking for Easter eggs, a dedicated crew of two police officers from the Sealy Police Department and three firefighters from the Sealy Fire Department in Texas spent their day hard at work rescuing a tiny pup that received herself in a bit of trouble.

Photo by Sealy Police Department

The puppy, like most other dogs, likes to chew on some thing she can get her paws on, and while making a chew toy out of her owner’s frying pan, she by accident got her backside jaw caught in a hole on the manage of the frying pan and used to be left hopelessly caught on the handle.

Photo by Sealy Police Department

The puppy’s proprietors tried to cautiously slide the pan off of her mouth, however after a few failed attempts they were afraid they’d damage her and decided to call 911 for some expert help. Soon after, two officers and three firefighters arrived at the family’s domestic and without delay obtained to work.

After cautiously working the puppy’s mouth loose, they subsequently managed to slip her jaw free and returned the puppy to her involved owner. “Here is an Easter Sunday story of how high-quality small town values and close-knit first responders can make any person (or some puppy’s) day a little better,” the Sealy Police Department wrote in a post to Facebook.

Watch the whole video below to see how these heroes managed to free a tiny pup whose jaw received caught in a pan handle.

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[Featured image: Sealy Police Department]

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Abused Dog With Half A Face Finds A Loving Forever Home

Teresa is a two-year-old combined breed who was once rescued in January from Thailand after a man tried to butcher her.

Thankfully, he failed. “Unfortunately in Thailand people do devour dog meat, and a character had a machete and he was attempting to cut her head off,” said Karen Quigley, one of the ladies who rescued Teresa. 

Credit: GoFundMe

The horrific assault left Teresa with 1/2 of a face- no nose and phase of her pinnacle job missing. But, with help from two New Jersey women, over $11,000 was once raised for Teresa by using a GoFundMe account that has enabled Teresa to pass to the United States and to get hold of the surgical procedure she so desperately needed. 

Credit: GoFundMe

The two notable girls who helped make this viable for Teresa are Karen Quigley and her pal Michelle Weirich. After bringing the mutilated animal to the United States, she acquired surgical treatment to extract tooth and repair her tongue. “They are just like people. They want greater care, however they want a chance. They all want a chance,” Weirich told ABC 6 News. 

Credit: GoFundMe

You would assume because of her injury, Teresa wouldn’t be capable to live a ordinary life, however she does. “She can do the entirety and that’s what’s so exquisite about Teresa. She eats difficult food, she eats wet food, in reality I haven’t located something she can’t do. She’s so terrific due to the fact she’s surely so happy. She wakes up happy, she loves to run in the yard,” Karen said.

Credit: GoFundMe

Dr. John Lewis of Northstar Vets in Robbinsville who performed surgical procedure on Teresa says that notwithstanding the beauty troubles the canine need to stay with, she is doing very well. “She can always breathe through her mouth, however the reality she can breathe thru her nostril simply increases her fine of life. She’s in a position to devour and drink, can play with toys, so that’s the important thing,” Lewis said.

Credit: GoFundMe

Karen, who is a special-ed instructor at Rowan College in Gloucester County, says she’d like to get Teresa licensed as a therapy dog to work with disfigured youngsters at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Until then, Teresa enjoys her pampered existence and loves consuming provolone cheese. 

Credit: GoFundMe

We commend Karen and her buddy Michelle for rescuing this dog that no one else would have taken a hazard on. 
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[Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe]

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


We’d like you to meet Pablo and Picasso, two adorable rescue dog brothers that are a unique pitbull-corgi mix. The pair is named after the well-known artist Pablo Picasso, with Picasso’s unique face reminding of the artist’s unique paintings.
Coming from a breeder that couldn’t locate a customer for Picasso, gave him up to a shelter. Pablo was additionally lower back from a customer and joined his brother. Sadly they had been lined up to be euthanized, however they had been happily rescued via Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon.

As you can see, Picasso has a twisted snout, which offers him hassle ingesting and will have some enamel removed to help him out. Since reuniting, the brothers have become inseparable, so the pair will be looking for a home together soon after Picasso’s dental surgery.
They are both very healthful and happy otherwise. Their personalities are additionally the opposite of what you’d expect, with Pablo being the shy one and Picasso more outgoing regardless of the undertaking of his jaw.
And thanks to all the social media interest they’ve been getting, the rescue center has been getting tons of adoption requests. So it looks these brothers will have no hassle discovering a blissful home together!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dogs Marched for Science on Earth Day, Too!

As you possibly know, there used to be a March for Science taking place in cities all over the world on Saturday – Earth Day. two And no march or parade would be entire barring some happy, pleasant doggos, so here are some of the first-rate photographs of dogs in attendance.

Please take note to be respectful in the remarks – this is now not a forum for acrimonious political debates – we’re just here for the dogs!